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Easy of operation, acoustic performance and pleasing performance are combined in Movable Acoustic Wall to create movable walls that maximise spacial soundproof effect in offices in class or in hall, training areas's, educational establishments, hotels and banqueting ball room. Features ~ Top hung without track at floor level ~ Retractable acoustic seals at top and base operated either by quick release handle ~ Single or two point suspension for centre ~ Junction as " T " " L " 90 elbow "modules meet requirements for corner, three or four way abutments ~ Panel finishes include vinyl, veneer, melamine laminate ~ Optional integral pass doors, glazed modules and vision panels ~ Closing module fitted with face operated telescopic ‘nose’ ACOUSTICAL FOLDING PARTITIONS IN INDIA : OPERABLE WALLS IN AHMEDABAD : OPERABLE PARTITIONSIN INDIA : DEMOUNTABLE PARTITIONS IN INDIA : RELOCATABLE PARTITIONS IN AHMEDABAD : PORTABLE PANELS IN INDIA : MOVEABLE WALLS IN AHMEDABAD : ACCORDION DOORS IN INDIA : ACCORDION PARTITIONS IN AHMEDABAD : ACOUSTICAL PANELS IN INDIA : MOVABLE WALLS/SOUNDPROOF SLIDING FOLDING PARTITION MANUFACTURER & OEM MANUFACTURER : ACOUSTIC FOLDING PARTITION IN INDIA : SLIDING PARTITION WALLS IN AHMEDABAD : HOTEL SLIDING PARTITION WALLS IN INDIA : FOLDING WALL SOUND PROOF DOOR NO FLOOR TRACK : QUALITY SLIDING PARTITION WALLS IN INDIA : SLIDING PARTITION WALLS SUPPLIER IN AHMEDABAD : ACOUSTIC SLIDING FOLDING PARTITIONS IN AHMEDABAD INDIA: MOVABLE PARTITIONS MANUFACTURER IN INDIA : SLIDING PARTITIONS MANUFACTURER SUPPLIER AHMEDABAD, INDIA
movable partition walls is made of steel metal inner frame and side top frame made of high quality aluminium with environmentally composite materials.the panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails, the panel has a standard thickness of 65mm , 80mm and 100mm, and a width up to 1230mm.Maximum height can reach 17meter tall HEAVY DUTY ACOUSTIC SOUNDPROOF WALLS IN INDIA: HEAVY SOUNDPROOF ACOUSTIC SLIDING FOLDING IN INDIA: HEAVY DUTY MOVABLE WALLS ACOUSTIC IN INDIA: LARGE HEAVY DUTY SLIDING FOLDING COMPONENTS IN INDIA: LONG HEIGHT DOOR SLIDING FOLDING IN INDIA: LONG HEIGHT LARGE DOOR SLIDING FOLDING INDIA: ACOUSTIC MOVABLE WALLS IN INDIA: ACOUSTIC OPERABLE PARTITIONS IN INDIA: